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Property Inquiry

To assist property owners and potential buyers with questions about regulation limits, LPRCA provides a Property Inquiry Service. The property inquiry allows potential buyers, real estate agents or solicitors acting on behalf of their clients to request information about a particular property.

What you need to file your Property Inquiry:

Payment can be made via cash, debit, cheque or credit card.

How do I submit my Property Inquiry Form?

Submission by mail or in-person: LPRCA ATTN: Planning Services, 4 Elm Street, Tillsonburg, Ontario N4G 0C4
Submission by email:

What information you will receive:

    • Whether a property is regulated by LPRCA
    • What general restrictions would apply to development on the property
    • If there are any outstanding violations of Ontario Regulation 41/24 on the property
    • A copy of a map of LPRCA’s regulated area as it intersects with the property (if applicable).

Remember – LPRCA staff cannot advise you on whether or not to purchase a property, however, staff can provide the information to help you make an educated decision.

How long will it take to receive my Property Inquiry results?

Approximately 2-3 weeks* from LPRCA receiving a complete Property Inquiry submission.
*length of time may differ during times of substantial workload.