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Education Programs –⁠ Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

Who delivers the Heritage & Outdoor Programming at Backus Heritage Conservation Area?

We have two enthusiastic Educators on-site ready to teach in their appropriate field. The Heritage Programmer teaches all Heritage related programs, while our Outdoor Educator teaches all outdoor/science-related programs.

I am interested in a program but would like it modified to better suit my class/group. Is this possible and who do I speak to?

Yes. If you wish to book a program with us but would like a certain topic or area covered you can contact the Educator with specific requests and we will try to accommodate you.

Is Heritage and Outdoor programming available throughout the summer as well as the school season?

Any of our programs can be booked by home school groups, day camps, daycares, private groups, etc. throughout the summer; booking is subject to staff availability. Please contact the appropriate Educator to find out more.

How can I contact the Heritage and Outdoor Educators?

You can reach both Educators by telephone and email.

Pricing & Payment

How much do the education programs cost?

Programs can be booked for a half-day or full-day. Half-day rates is $298.81/class, while full-day rates is $583.62/class.

Do we have to pay for teachers or chaperones?

No. Teachers and chaperones are free to attend the program. Only students participating in the program are subject to a fee.

When and how can payment be made for booked programming?

Once booked, the Educator will send you an invoice for your program. Payment can be made prior to or on the day of programming. Accepted forms of payment include cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard.


How can I book a program?

Through the LPRCA website you are able to access the online booking forms for both the Heritage and Outdoor Education programs which can be found on their corresponding pages or by clicking on the respective hyperlink.

Can I pick a specific date for my group/class to attend Backus Heritage Conservation Area?

Booking early is the best way to ensure you receive your preferred date. We will try to work with you to find a date that works for you and your class/group.

I’m looking to book my class/group for a program, but there are many different learning levels or multiple ages of children in my class. Can I still book one of the core curricular programs if their grade and level do not match with the grade/level suggested?

Yes. Although our programs state the grade level they are appropriate for and the grade the curriculum links to, the program can usually be slightly modified to accommodate different aged groups and different learning levels. This can be discussed with the specific Educator prior to your booking date.


What changes are made to a program if we chose to only come for a half-day as opposed to a full-day program?

When choosing to attend for only a half-day program, the daily schedule will be reduced to accommodate for the hours you and your class/group are at Backus. Although we would like to squeeze everything in, it is impossible to run a full-day program in just half a day. For specifics on each program, please contact the Educators directly.

What time do programs begin and end?

Programs will commence no earlier than 9:30 a.m. and conclude no later than 2:30 p.m. This accommodates for the Educator’s set up and teardown of each daily program.

Are programs online available during the week or can I book an evening or weekend program for my group?

Please contact the Educator to discuss evening and weekend program availability.


Are programs cancelled due to inclement weather?

Our programs at Backus run rain or shine. The Educators will decide before/during a program if it is safe to be outside; but rain, wind, heat, and cold do not constitute for a cancellation of programming unless deemed extreme or unsafe If there is extreme or unsafe weather, the Educator will accommodate for an indoor option. If a booking is cancelled by Backus, a new date will be arranged in lieu of the canceled date.

The local school boards have canceled school due to a snow day, can we still attend?

If the local school boards are closed due to a snow day, programs at Backus will be cancelled. The educator will be in contact with you to reschedule your program for another day.

Can I cancel a booking due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances?

Yes. If you need to cancel a booking for any reason, please contact the Educator for your program as soon as possible. A new date may be booked in lieu of the cancelled date; however, rebooking is subject to availability.

Planning for your trip to Backus

How does my class/group get to Backus Heritage Conservation Area?

Class/groups are responsible for coordinating buses or other means of transportation to bring everyone to and from Backus. Busing/Transportation is not included in the cost of the program. Please ask your bus drive or carpool drivers to drop your group/students off at the Conservation Education Centre located within Backus Heritage Conservation Area at 1267 Second Concession Road, Port Rowan, ON N0E 1M0. This is also where pick up will take place.

How should participants dress for their trip to Backus Heritage Conservation Area?

A significant portion of each program will be taught outdoors as the natural environment of Backus is an important tool for learning. Students must dress appropriately for the weather and ensure they are prepared to be outdoors for long periods of time. Being prepared for wet, cold, and hot weather is a must and you may wish to bring extra items of clothing just in case. Boots are suggested for rainy days/seasons as our trails can become quite muddy. Heritage Education programs use the historic buildings, some of which are unheated. Extra warm-up breaks will be added on particularly cold days but please dress for the weather.

What items should groups/students bring to Backus Heritage Conservation Area?

Along with dressing for the weather, everyone should come prepared with a refillable water bottle and a packed lunch for themselves. There is no water fountain, but everyone is welcome to refill their bottles on site. Our water is tested daily to ensure it is safe and potable. It is also requested that food be brought in reusable containers to reduce waste. Please note, we do not offer refrigeration or heating facilities.