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Landowner Services

Long Point Region Conservation Authority offers a number of landowner services to help landowners within the Long Point Region Watershed preserve and enhance their natural environment.

Best Management Practices

Agricultural landowners in Ontario can implement Best Management Practices such as riparian buffers along waterways on their property to limit nutrient runoff, prevent erosion and keep the Great Lakes Basin healthy⁠—all without sacrificing crop yield. Learn more in the video below.

Municipal drainage staff may be interested in how BMPs can benefit their work as well.

Cover Crops

Cover crops help build better soil structure and increase organics, provide erosion control and can build yield potential while maintaining soil health. With funding support from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Integrated Conservation Action Plan (ICAP), Long Point Region Conservation Authority has developed a Cover Crop Incentive Program to encourage farmers to try different varieties of cover crops in their field crop rotations.

Grant Rates

One (1) species of cover crop: $20/acre
Two (2) species of cover crop: $30/acre
Three or more (3+) species of cover crop: $40/acre

Maximum acreage: 100 acres
Maximum grant: $4,000

For more information on the Cover Crop Incentive Program, see the Cover Crop Expression of Interest Form. Completed expression of interest forms can be sent to Elm Street, Tillsonburg ON N4G 0C4, c/o Paul Gagnon, Lands & Waters Supervisor or emailed to

Tree Planting

Planting trees on your land has numerous benefits, including:

    • Creating habitat and attracting a variety of wildlife;
    • Contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases;
    • Protecting and improving water quality in streams and ponds on your property;
    • Reducing home energy costs by creating windbreaks and providing shade and shelter;
    • Transforming bare, open fields into forests for future wood production;
    • Increasing forested area to qualify for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program;
    • Improving outdoor recreational opportunities;
    • Reducing the amount of grass to maintain, and adding variety to the landscape; and
    • Developing a sense of well-being through your contribution to the natural environment.

For landowners interested in planting trees on their property, subsidies are available to help reduce the cost of purchasing and planting stock. Contact Paul Gagnon, Lands & Waters Supervisor at or 519-842-4242 ext. 232 to discuss planting plans and possible funding opportunities, or submit an application for the planting program.

Restoration Services

In addition to conventional tree planting projects, LPRCA works with landowners to develop and implement a variety of environmental restoration projects to enhance property and help empower local residents to become stewards of the land they own and use.

Project Possibilities:

Pit and Mound Forest Restoration

The pit and mound restoration technique uses heavy machinery to create uneven topography that mimics the conditions of a natural forest floor and provides a range of moisture and sunlight conditions.

Wetland Enhancement & Protection

Through our regulations, the LPRCA helps to protect the wetland features in our watershed.  Additionally, the LPRCA undertakes invasive species control (Purple Loosestrife & Phragmites australis) to enhance existing wetland features.

Tallgrass Prairie Planting

Tallgrass prairie is a wonderful habitat for attracting a wide variety of wildlife. Implementing requires ongoing and long-term maintenance.

Riparian Buffer Zone Installation

Natural vegetation along the shoreline of a stream, creek or lake plays an important role in protecting water quality, preventing soil erosion and providing wildlife habitat. Buffers trap pollutants and eroded soil before they enter the water and provide food and shelter for fish, frogs, birds and other small animals.

Species at Risk Protection

LPRCA has undertaken special projects to create and protect critical habitat for the many species at risk found throughout the Long Point Region watershed. Projects have included constructing snake hibernacula, creating wetland habitat and monitoring fish populations.


Contact LPRCA at 519-842-4242 ext. 232 to learn more about the benefits of increasing natural areas or restoring environmental features on your property.

Erosion Control Plans

Long Point Region Conservation Authority can assist with the development of erosion control plans. Contact LPRCA at 519-842-4242 ext. 232 or for more information and pricing.

Rural Water Quality Programs

Rural Water Quality programs assist landowners in undertaking projects that protect water quality on farms and rural properties. Free technical assistance and financial incentives are available to qualified landowners to share the cost of selected environmental and agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) projects. Cost-sharing is available to both farm and non-farm applicants in most areas of the Long Point Region watershed.

Eligible projects include stream fencing, erosion control structures, fuel storage upgrades, tree planting and others. LPRCA administers these programs in partnership with neighbouring conservation authorities and watershed municipalities.

Landowners can visit their county websites for more program information:

Landowners in Norfolk should contact LPRCA’s Lands & Waters Supervisor at or 519-842-4242 ext. 232 for more information about available grants.