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Hunting is permitted at a number of Long Point Region Conservation Authority conservation areas and forest tracts in order to help manage local wildlife populations and to provide recreational opportunities for hunters. LPRCA properties offer prime habitat for wild turkey, white-tailed deer, waterfowl, ruffed grouse and other small game.

Those who hunt on Long Point Region Conservation Authority property must have an Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) membership and follow all provincial and municipal hunting regulations.

Some LPRCA properties require permission to hunt. Email the administration office at or call 519-842-4242 for more information about hunting at Deer Creek Conservation Area, Rock’s Mill Conservation Area and the Lee Brown Waterfowl Management Area.

Use the interactive mapping software to view where hunting is permitted on LPRCA land (mapping updated May 2024).
Hunting opportunities mapping software screenshot

While hunting on LPRCA land all provincial and municipal hunting regulations, seasonal restrictions and Conservation Authority rules and regulations must be followed. Hunters should consult the local municipal bylaw and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources regulations to confirm restrictions. Hunt responsibly! Do not trespass onto adjacent private property without the landowner’s consent. Please respect all landowners wishing to keep their lands posted.

Hunting Restrictions

Hunting is not allowed on the following LPRCA properties:

    • Backus Heritage Conservation Area
    • Black Creek Conservation Area
    • Deer Creek Conservation Area (hunting is allowed outside of the camping area only after the official park season; no hunting May 1 – November 1)
    • Haldimand Conservation Area
    • Hay Creek Conservation Area
    • Neufeld Tract
    • Norfolk Conservation Area
    • Norwich Conservation Area
    • Rock’s Mills (front section)
    • Tillsonburg Conservation Area
    • Vittoria-Sowden Conservation Area (Vittoria Tract only)
    • Waterford North & South Conservation Areas
    • Waterford Workshop
    • Watson Conservation Area Easements
    • All other Conservation Areas located within a hamlet, village or urban area

Lee Brown Marsh Hunting Fees

Sunday hunting is not permitted, all hunt days must be reserved in advance. Contact Kim Brown, Marsh Manager, at 519-420-8605 (8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Mon-Fri) for information or to make reservations.

Service Fee
One-Day Field Hunt for One (1) Person $60.00
One-Day (midweek) Marsh Hunt for One (1) Person $542.16
One-Day Mid-week Marsh Hunt for Four (4) People (Wednesday p.m. & Thursday a.m.) $1,849.70
Three-day Marsh Hunt for Four (4) People (Monday & Tuesday a.m. & p.m. + Wednesday a.m. OR Thursday p.m. + Friday & Saturday a.m. & p.m.) $4,624.26

Rates include HST and are subject to change without notice.
Guide fee and accommodation are extra.

Information for Hunters

General Information

For information about hunting seasons and regulations, please consult the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.

All-Terrain Vehicles

The use of off-road vehicles, including ATV’s, is prohibited on all LPRCA property, including those open for hunting. Anyone found using an all-terrain or similar vehicle on LPRCA property is trespassing and liable to charges under the Conservation Authorities Act and the Trespass to Property Act.

Be Aware & Prepared on the Trails

LPRCA conservation areas and forest tracts are used for a variety of activities. All those on the trail and in the forest need to be aware that others may be nearby, and ensure they are visible. Be aware that you may be sharing LPRCA lands with other hunters, as well as, hikers, cyclists or birdwatchers and should take steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.