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Policies & Guidelines

Conservation Authorities Act

Conservation Authorities Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.27

Ontario Regulation 41/24

Ontario Regulation 41/24

LPRCA Determination of Regulation Limits

LPRCA Regulation & Planning Services Brochure

MNRF Policies and Procedures for Conservation Authority Plan Review and Permitting Activities (PDF 702KB)

CO Development, Interference and Alterations Regulation Brochure (PDF 2MB)

LPRCA Policies and Guides

LPRCA Policies for the Administration of O. Reg. 178/06 (PDF 2MB)

Long Point Region Riverine Flood Hazard Mapping Update Technical Report (PDF 676KB)

Haldimand County Lake Erie Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment Technical Report (PDF 28MB)

Norfolk County Lake Erie Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment Technical Report (PDF 26MB)

1989 LPRCA Shoreline Management Plan (PDF 10MB)

LPRCA Hearing Procedures Policy (PDF 447KB)

Additional Resources

Understanding Natural Hazards (PDF 2MB)

Wetland conservation (Ontario website)

Projects near water (Government of Canada website)

Who to call when planning work in the Long Point Area (PDF 575KB)

Working around Water or Wetlands Brochure (PDF 566KB)

MNRF – Natural Hazards Tech Guides

River & Stream Systems: Erosion Hazard Limit – Download (PDF 8MB) or view Flip Book

River & Stream Systems: Flooding Hazard Limit –  Download (PDF 2MB) or view Flip Book

Great Lakes, Part 1: Physical Features and Processes (PDF 462KB)

Great Lakes, Part 2: Recommended Shoreline Classification Scheme (PDF 4MB)

Great Lakes, Part 3: Flooding Hazard (PDF 2MB)

Great Lakes, Part 4: Erosion Hazard (PDF 3MB)

Great Lakes, Part 5: Dynamic Beach Hazard (PDF 2MB)

Great Lakes, Part 6: Mapping and Staking Hazardous Lands (PDF 1MB)

Great Lakes, Part 7: Addressing the Hazards (PDF 6MB)

Great Lakes, Part 7 Appendix 7.2: Existing Development (PDF 51KB)

Great Lakes, Part 8: Environmentally South Hazard Management (PDF 6MB)