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Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook Terminated, Water Safety remains in effect (Event message 4)

January 13, 2024

The Long Point Region Conservation Authority is terminating the Watershed Conditions Statement –  Flood Outlook message previously in effect. A Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety will remain in place for the entire watershed due to elevated stream flows and forecasted weather conditions.

Flood Status Indicator: Water Safety Statement





The low pressure systems that moved through the Long Point Region watershed over the past few days. brought 42 to 51 mm of rainfall, elevating area watercourses. Watercourses have peaked and are now receding, but stream flows will remain high for the next few days. Forecasts suggest additional precipitation for the next few days.

People are warned to stay away from ditches, water bodies, streams, rivers and ponds as the combination of slippery banks and cold, fast-flowing water is dangerous. Landowners are also advised to make sure dams, culverts, and catch basins are free from debris and ice and functioning properly, if the work can be done safely.

This Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety will remain in effect until noon, Monday, January 15, 2024. LPRCA staff will continue to monitor forecasted conditions and will update this message as necessary.

Contact Paul Gagnon, Lands & Waters Supervisor at or 519-842-4242 ext. 232 should further information be required.


Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety Statement: a message issued by the Conservation Authority to advise municipal flood coordinators and watershed residents that unsafe lake, river and channel conditions may develop or exist.