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Riverine Flood Warning Update [ Event Message #2 ]

April 3, 2023

The LPRCA is extending the Flood Warning for all areas within its watershed

Water levels in watercourses across LPRCA generally remain high and are running swiftly, and in many cases are still running out of their banks and flooding low-lying areas. Most watercourses appear to have peaked, however the lower parts of Big Creek have been observed to still be rising.

In Tillsonburg, Big Otter Creek has now declined by about 1.60 m since its peak Saturday night. Big Otter Creek is running close to bank-full and flooding low lying areas. The Big Otter Creek in Vienna peaked at 93.8 m³/s Sunday night, and has declined 40 cm in height, but is still very high and flooding low lying areas.

Forecasts suggest the possibility of 15-20 mm of rain Monday evening/overnight, 5-10 mm Tuesday and 10 mm Wednesday with above seasonal temperatures.
Action: Areas along the Big Otter Creek, specifically the town of Vienna, may experience flooding due to high flows. Given Vienna’s vulnerability to flooding, Flood Coordinators should warn property owners in the most flood-prone areas of Vienna of the potential for flooding.

People are reminded to stay away from ditches, streams, rivers and ponds as the combination of slippery banks and cold, fast-flowing water is dangerous. Parents are reminded to keep children and pets away from these areas.

Landowners are also advised to make sure dams, culverts and catch basins are free from debris and functioning properly, if safe to do so.

LPRCA staff will continue to monitor watershed conditions and will update this message as necessary.

Therefore, this Flood Warning remains in effect until noon, Friday, April 7, 2023.

Contact Paul Gagnon, 519-842-4242 ext. 232 should further information be required.