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Shoreline Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook – Termination [November 28, 2022]

November 28, 2022

Long Point Region Conservation Authority (LPRCA) is now terminating the standing shoreline condition statement issued on October 8, 2019 for the Lake Erie shoreline within LPRCA’s jurisdiction.

The Surface Water Monitoring Centre’s (SWMC) Interim Strategy for Issuing Provincial Flood Messages for Static Water Levels on the Great Lakes defines the beginning of month static water level for a Flood Watch on the Eastern Basin of Lake Erie as 174.50 metres above sea level (MASL). Lake Erie water levels have since declined below this threshold and are expected to continue dropping into the winter months. Lake Erie’s average October water level was 174.32 metres above sea level (MASL).

The current and expected static water level for Lake Erie is below the SWMC’s threshold, so conditions will return to Normal.

Flood Status Indicator: Normal

Please be advised that the threat of storm surge flooding is not eliminated. LPRCA staff will monitor conditions and update any messaging as required.

Contact David Proracki, 519-842-4242 ext. 264 should further information be required.