Lee Brown Marsh

Ontario Regulation 178/06 establishes Regulated Areas where development could be subject to flooding, erosion or dynamic beaches, or where interference with wetlands and alterations to shorelines and watercourses might have an adverse effect on those environmental features.

Lands regulated by Long Point Region Conservation Authority (LPRCA) are delineated by the Regulation Limit shown on the following maps. If you are unsure if the regulation will affect your property, contact us for assistance. If your property is located in a regulated area, contact LPRCA Planning Staff for information on the application process.

To order a copy of the GIS shape file data of the regulation, or require hard copy maps, please contact LPRCA's Planning Department staff.

LPRCA Ontario Regulation 178/06 Limit Map


This mapping is presented for visual reference only. Data represented should not be considered as legal boundaries. Confirmation of actual boundaries of the Limit of Regulated Area would need to be field verified by LPRCA staff to ensure compliance with the text based regulations as further detailed in the Determination of Regulation Limits in the LPRCA Watershed.

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