Man planting trees beside pond

Healthy Watershed Services

Stewardship involves caring for our natural environment to maintain healthy land, air and water.  To ensure a healthy environment for both current and future generations, it is important that we care for our resources in the most responsible and sustainable manner.

The goal of LPRCA’s Healthy Watershed Services program is to work toward an environmentally and economically healthy watershed that benefits all who have a stake in it.

Our programs help maintain and restore natural spaces, improve water quality and promote stewardship practices throughout the watershed.  The Long Point Region Conservation Authority has been a leader in developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to address concerns such as soil erosion, water quality and loss of fish habitat.

Tree planting is an important conservation tool with numerous environmental benefits. Annually more than 100,000 trees are planted throughout the watershed.

Site restoration and rehabilitation projects undertaken by LPRCA address a number of local, provincial and national initiatives, including the protection of habitats for species at risk, maintaining water quality and enhancement of aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Staff serves as primary technical support on many watershed committees and various recovery teams for species at risk and also lends a hand as a partner on special projects in watershed communities.